From the US to Colombia

The Search

A few weeks ago I went to Medellin, Colombia for a bachelor trip and I was landing before the rest of the group arrived. So I took this opportunity to not stay in the airport but instead did some exploring in the downtown area. I wanted to shoot but didn't know anyone in the area so a month before arriving I reached out to models and model agencies to shoot with some models in the area. Below are the steps I took to make it happen.

Step 1

I used instagram #medellinmodels to find models in the area and sent them this message: "Good Morning, hope all is well! I came across your page and it's 🔥. I'm traveling down to Medellin on April 18-21 and looking to shoot. Would you be interested in working together?

I did the same for a modeling agency

Tips: Make sure your profile has content. Also, let them know its TFP.

Step 2

Since I don't speak a lick of Spanish, I booked a concierge service that provided me with a guide who was also a photographer and knew the local area which really helped out.

Step 3

Before arriving I put together a moodboard to show the timeline for the shoots (1 hour each) and style I was going for.

Click here for my moodboard

Step 4

I stayed in constant communication with the concierge and the models via WhatsApp. From there I was able to create.

See Images below