As a film photographer I often ask why:

  • Why do I shoot?

   I'm on a journey to discover the little wonders of the world. To one day inspire another to pick up a camera and document their life.

  • Why a film camera?

To shoot film takes guts, you can't look at the photo until you develop the roll. You have to trust your eye and your knowledge of photographer to create beautiful images.

  •  Why portraiture?

I love to connect with those in front of the camera, To have a brief moment of focus to create something new. A memory that will last.

  • Why editorial work?

 It's the feeling of accomplishment,  to help a brands sell their products, grow their following and inspire their audience through imagery. To help a model that wants to go from just being a model to a published model.

  • Why motion work?

I've always been fascinated with animation. This gives me a chance to take a collection of images and  bringing them together to tell a short story.

Below you can dive into each and explore the little bits of my world.